How PayPal is nearing Crypto

paypal bitcoin

Users will have noticed a sharp increase in crypto-related ads on PayPal in recent months – it’s no surprise as the platform is substantially increasing its interest in cryptocurrencies.

Ban Bitcoin to Fight Ransomware Attacks

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Cryptocurrency always faces a battle against banishment. But this time, those fighting for a ban on Bitcoin have a strong reason: stopping ransomware attacks. Continue to reading to learn more.  Why is There a Push to Ban Bitcoin?  In April, hackers gained access to the networks making up the Colonial Pipeline Co. The breach happened […]

TikTok Bans Promotional Crypto Content

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Everything seems like its fair game on TikTok. Users upload trending dances, comedy skits, lengthy monologues on life, and everything in between. While TikTok promotes a lot of creative freedom, it has recently changed its guidelines on financial content. The app prohibits users from promoting any financial product or service. The platform also does not […]

How to Read Crypto Charts Like a Pro

A crypto chart showing the price of bitcoin

While many crypto traders go with their gut when determining when to buy, how much to buy, and when to sell, others look to more objective data by looking to crypto charts. Using charts, such as crypto line charts and candlestick charts, will give you a data-driven perspective of the market to help you make […]