The Diamond Hands Crypto Play – 💎🙌

what is the meaning of diamond hands?

Crypto has been a rollercoaster for the last few years, but one thing that never changes is how much money can be made if you hold onto your crypto. It’s time to stop chasing the hot coin of the week – diamond hands are forever! What does “Diamond hands” mean? Someone has”Diamond hands” if they […]

The Latest News on China Cryptocurrency

Chinas ban on cryptocurrency

After China’s latest crackdown on cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Ether saw a decrease in value.  As of Monday, Bitcoin dropped to $31,333, under half its $65,000 value in April 2021. In addition, Ether fell to a five-week low at $1,890. Alongside the May and June crackdowns were additional trial runs of the developing China cryptocurrency, the […]