Fed Digital Currency | The Current Discussion

fed digital currency

Federal Reserve officials have long been divided on the matter of a FED digital currency.  On the one hand, it’d possibly undercut private alternatives and provide consumers with more banking stability. But on the other, it could mean diminished personal privacy.  We’re a ways away from solving this argument, but it’s important to remain in […]

What the Rollout of J.P. Morgan Cryptocurrency Means for Investors

jp morgan cryptocurrency

Bitcoin began in 2009, and the movement towards a future with widespread deregulated currency was born. Since then, many other assets have taken advantage of Bitcoin’s blockchain technology to change banking. Interestingly, recent trends show that banks are starting to consider this technology. One of the most prominent players is J.P. Morgan Chase, with its […]

Bitcoin Price Drop in 2021 — What to Know

The bitcoin price drop of 2021 explained.

$64,846 is a value Bitcoin investors know all too well. The cryptocurrency reached this record high on April 14, 2021.  Unfortunately, investors didn’t have much time to celebrate. A significant Bitcoin price drop ensued, with the cryptocurrency briefly dipping below $30,000 in late June and July.   Many investors wonder why the lows of Bitcoin are […]