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1K Daily Profit Review — Confirmed Scam 2021

Many investors look to crypto auto traders like 1K Daily Profit to make fast, easy money. The name itself is intriguing — after all, who wouldn’t want to pull in $1,000 per day?

1k daily profit scam

However, we’re here to warn you of the scam. Read on for an honest 1K Daily Profit review that sheds light on this sketchy operation.   

1K Daily Profit Quick Summary

1K Daily Profit is a crypto trading platform that promises to generate $1,000 per day. It claims to use your deposits to trade Bitcoin, forexes, and other assets. 

However, the software is nothing but a scam. It is available through several different URLs with each operating under dishonest practices. Users don’t make money and find it nearly impossible to get their deposits back. 

Ultra Short Summary  

1K Daily Profit is a scam that entices users by promising to make successful automatic crypto trades. 

5 Reasons Why Not to Use 1K Daily Profit  

Here are 5 reasons why you should stay far away from this sketchy software: 

1. Lack of Regulation

We gave the software a chance by checking its credibility. But we couldn’t come up with a registration number, licensing information, patents, ISO 27001 certifications, or anything else that makes it worthy of our trust. 

2. Fake Reviews

As we discuss later, the 1K Daily Profit fraud works by generating tons of fake reviews and endorsements. This positive press makes it hard to find honest, accurate information. 

1k daily profit fake reviews

3. Fake Founder

The 1K Daily Profit website tries to build credibility by discussing founder John Becker. However, the stock photo didn’t fool us into thinking this guy was a real person. 

1k daily profit, john becker is fake

4. Persistent Deposit Requests

Once you receive persistent deposit requests via phone or email, you’ll regret ever giving your contact info to this company. 

1k daily profit deposit requests

5. Software Is a Virus 

The software won’t just steal your money — it can possibly add a virus to your computer. Users report strange web browser behaviors such as lots of ads and their home page defaulting to the scam’s website. 

1K Daily Profit Scam or Safe?

The software is far from safe. It keeps your deposits for itself and lures in new users through sketchy marketing tactics (such as offering a phony Bitcoin/Engine crypto bonus).

1K Daily Profit bonus

How Does 1K Daily Profit Work According to Themselves?

Users must make a minimum deposit of $250. Then, the software’s algorithm kicks in to conduct automatic trades. 

Trade Experience

To scam as many people as possible, the platform makes the trade experience a breeze. It’s easy to set up your 1K Daily Profit account, and there’s no fee to download the software.

1K Daily Profit - virus

Users may choose to operate in manual or automatic mode, but neither is safe. 

1K Daily Profit App

Evident by its lack of presence on app stores, the mobile app is just as sketchy as the desktop software. This version, for instance, only has one review (and its negative).

1k daily profit negative app review

Endorsed by Celebrities and TV Shows

To convince users to download the software, the website falsely claims that big-name celebs use 1K Daily Profit. Examples include: 

Mark Zuckerberg

Alan Sugar

Fake 1K Daily Profit Reviews and Reputation

Syndicated news sites like PR News Wire, IPS News, and AP write positive reviews to make money from commissions. 


You’ll also find lots of fake positive reviews on Trustpilot. They come from users that have only left positive reviews on other auto trader scams. 

1k daily profit review on trustpilot
1k daily profit trustpilot

Final Verdict

We know making $1,000 per day sounds enticing, but this software isn’t the way to do it. It’s in your best interest to avoid giving your money to this unregulated, virus-inducing scam. 

1K Daily Profit FAQs

How to remove 1K Daily Profit virus?

To remove the virus, you will need to uninstall the software’s files. A tool like MalwareFox Anti-Malware can help you locate all files and offer additional protection. 

Is 1K Daily Profit a scam?

Yes, the software is a scam. It builds trust by using extensive marketing campaigns that involve fake reviews, phoney endorsements, and other tactics. 

What is 1K Daily Profit?

The software promises to yield $1,000 per day by auto-trading Bitcoin, Engine crypto, and other assets. 

Is Automated Daily Income a scam?

Automated Daily Income is yet another auto broker scam that operates similarly to 1K Daily Profit. 

How does 1K Daily Profit make money?

The auto trader makes money by requesting deposits. It has no intention of investing your money to make more money, let alone returning anything to you.