Bitcoin Code Review — Confirmed Scam 2023

Bitcoin Code is a fraudulent online broker that offers empty promises to hopeful investors.

Individuals new to cryptocurrency are often eager to get started. They'll use any platform that promises to offer good returns without first researching its legitimacy.

One of these platforms is Bitcoin Code (sometimes advertised as Code Bitcoin). On the surface, Bitcoin Code might seem easy to trust. After all, its title contains the name of the world's most popular cryptocurrency. But, this platform is anything but trustworthy.

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Bitcoin Code Scam

In this Bitcoin Code review, we go in-depth about this platform, sharing details other reviews fail to explore. Keep reading to learn how this website fools investors and why you should stay as far away as possible.

Bitcoin Code Quick Summary

Bitcoin Code is a scam website that offers an automated trading service. It supposedly takes investors’ money and invests it for them, using state-of-the-art technology. It has thousands of registered users, and people continue to fall victim to it despite its negative press.

The platform uses strategic marketing techniques to prey on the ambitions of amateur investors. It makes unbelievable pledges to generate thousands of dollars in returns in as little as 24 hours.

If this sounds too good to be true, you’d be correct. The platform’s operators hoard investors’ money, send it to offshore brokers, and ensure that the investors can never access their funds again.

5 Reasons Why Not to Use Bitcoin Code

Upon performing initial research on this platform, you might discover a lot of hype. This hype comes from the website’s operators or ill-informed investors who haven’t used the website themselves.

It’s essential to protect yourself and look past the online buildup. You can best understand why not to use Bitcoin Code by reading our top five reasons:

1. Makes Obnoxious Claims

bitcoin code false claims

Bitcoin Code is no stranger to unrealistic claims. This platform will say anything to get eager investors on board. One of the most out-of-this-world claims it has made thus far is a guarantee to earn investors a 13,000% return in just a day.

2. Has False Positive Reviews

Bitcoin code fake reviews

Sometimes, it’s difficult to distinguish a genuine review from a fake one, but not with the ones Bitcoin Code receives. All this platform’s positive reviews discuss the company’s “prompt service” and “helpful staff” without discussing the actual investment. 

The users who leave these reviews also raise suspicions. Their single Bitcoin Code review is often all they’ve provided online, meaning you should question their legitimacy as a reviewer.

3. Takes Your Money

Many of Bitcoin Code’s critics say that they’ve lost money because the platform refuses to let users take out deposited money and conducts poor trades on purpose.

4. Feigns Celebrities’ Approval

One of this platform’s most deceitful strategies is to push fake celebrity endorsements. Bitcoin Code will create news articles and social media posts claiming that mainstream individuals support the company (even when they don’t).

Another popular tactic is taking positive things celebrities have said about the Bitcoin asset and spinning them to put Bitcoin Code in a positive light.

5. Resorts to Harassment

Bitcoin code on trustpilot

The people behind Bitcoin Code are relentless — they’ll do anything to take advantage of excited, trusting investors. The platform will send numerous spam emails every day and even call the number you provided during the registration process. A savvy salesperson will encourage you to put money into the platform and keep making larger and larger deposits.

Who Does Bitcoin Code Target?  

This platform targets new investors without much experience trading cryptocurrency. This group of people is easy to deceive, as they don’t know what to look for in a fraud. On the other hand, seasoned investors will likely spot the Bitcoin Code scam from a mile away.

Bitcoin Code Company Information

bitcoin code falseverification

We don’t have a lot of concrete information about this company. Supposedly, a man by the name of Steve Mckay is the mastermind behind it. Other than that, we’re not sure who else is behind the scam or how many people are running it.

Complaints about this platform came to light in early February 2020, but it might have been stealing people’s funds long before that period.

Bitcoin Code: Scam or Safe?

Bitcoin Code is a scam. No investor can possibly have made money off of it. The only people who benefit from this platform are its deceitful operators. 

How Does Bitcoin Code Try to Scam You?

Bitcoin Code tries to scam you by building trust. Its website homepage has a well-organised layout detailing the perks of joining. It promises impressive returns that are very appealing to inexperienced investors.

bitcoin code description

Once you sign up and deposit your money, the platform will appear to be increasing your money at first. This deception influences people to deposit more and more funds. Once the platform is satisfied with how much you’ve put into it, it’ll freeze your assets and make it impossible for you to withdraw any money.

How Does Bitcoin Code Work (According to the Platform Itself)?

We’ll save you the trouble of visiting this website for yourself. Instead, you can read an overview of how the platform advertises itself and convinces investors to join:

Bitcoin Code

bitcoin code freesignup

This platform touts a hassle-free sign-up process that takes under 20 minutes to complete. It claims to work with a network of brokers who manage all your investments for you and brags about a 99.4% success rate, which is unattainable for any trader.

Bitcoin Code Trade Experience

The platform offers a demo trading feature, which is common among legitimate platforms. The inclusion of a feature like this is quite clever on Bitcoin Code’s part. Allowing investors to trade risk-free is an excellent way to gain investors’ trust. 

Brand-new investors will often use this demo feature to become more familiar with crypto trading. Eventually, they’ll become confident enough to invest in the Bitcoin Code fraud, only to get burned by the platform’s ill intentions.

Bitcoin Code App

bitcoin code registration form

The Bitcoin Code app available for Android users is on the Google Play Store. The app has around one hundred reviews, and almost all of them are negative. In the reviews, users report that the platform steals their credit card info and collects personal information to harass investors.

Bitcoin Code Automated Trading

The platform promotes an automated trading setup. Supposedly, all you have to do is deposit your funds, and the platform will take over from there. This type of hands-off approach is very enticing to new investors intimidated by learning the intricacies of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Code Fees

This platform advertises that it’s a low-commission crypto trading platform. Its selling points include:

  • Free to sign up
  • Low trading fees
  • No extra charges other than commissions

This “low fee” model is nothing but an illusion. Once you deposit your money, you won’t be able to withdraw it. At this point, low fees will be the last thing on your mind.

Endorsed by Celebrities and TV Shows

If a celebrity endorses a product, you’re likely to trust it. Bitcoin Code understands this and manipulates users into thinking that celebrities and popular TV shows endorse the platform. Learn about some of its hoaxes below:

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is one of the wealthiest people in the world, so it’d only be natural to trust him for financial advice. While Musk has openly supported some cryptocurrencies, he has never said anything about the Bitcoin Code website. However, the platform likes to make investors believe that he has. 

Bianca Ingrosso

Bianca Ingrosso is a young social influencer and entrepreneur from Sweden. She has a following among the Gen Y and Gen Z crowd. Bitcoin Code falsely claims that she supports the platform on celebrity gossip sites to deceive a younger audience.

Dragons’ Den

Dragon’s Den is a British TV programme hosted by TV personality Evan Davis. On this show, investors like Peter Jones, Tej Lalvani, Sara Davies, and Deborah Meaden fund hopeful entrepreneurs’ business ideas. 

Bitcoin Code is aware that the show’s premise is making sound financial decisions. Why wouldn’t this company want its stars to endorse the platform?

The stars haven’t and won’t ever support Bitcoin Code, but that doesn’t stop the platform from making bold claims.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is the American version of Dragon’s Den. It features recognisable entrepreneurs and investors like Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, and Daymond John. Many rumours have circulated that Shark Tank endorses Bitcoin Code, but all of these claims are false.

Fake Bitcoin Code Reviews and Reputation

This platform has a handful of positive reviews online. The reviews are only positive for one of two reasons:

  • The scam company paid people to create fake reviews.
  • People who haven’t tried the platform yet left the reviews based on hype alone.

There are some positive reviews on the Google Play Store, but the most alarming positive reviews are on Trustpilot:


bitcoin code fake trustpilot reviews

Bitcoin Code has a positive reputation on Trustpilot. However, as of writing this article, the platform only has three reviews, and they all appear to be fake. The all-positive reviews are repetitive and very vague about the “great service” the platform provides. 

Trustpilot pledges to stay neutral regarding all the companies it lists, but it warns users about engaging with Bitcoin Code.

Bitcoin Code Security

The platform advertises that it operates securely and uses “legitimate” software. Beyond that, it remains elusive about the exact security measures it implements.

Final Verdict

Bitcoin Code is a scam created to rob investors of their hard-earned money. You shouldn’t register for an account with this platform or any other website with a similar name. 

Bitcoin Code FAQs

Is Bitcoin Code legit?

No, this platform is not legit. There are more than two dozen fraudulent websites, all operating under a name similar to Bitcoin Code. These websites should raise suspicion on their own, as they have irregular domain names with hyphens and misspellings.

You shouldn’t even trust the “original” Bitcoin Code, as this website is a scam. The other mock accounts are scams derived from the biggest scam of all.

How do I stop emails from Bitcoin Code?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to stop emails from Bitcoin Code. The platform will hold onto your contact information long after you stop using it. 

The best thing you can do is block the sender and report the problem to the National Cyber Security Centre in the UK or the Federal Trade Commission if you live in the US.

How do I withdraw money from Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is deceitful. Once you deposit funds, it’ll freeze your money and make it impossible to withdraw them. You should report your problem to the appropriate regulatory body in your country of residence.

How do I remove the Bitcoin Code app?  

You can delete the app off of your Android device just like you’d delete any other app. However, the platform might continue to contact you because it has your contact information.

Can you make money with Bitcoin Code?

No, you cannot make money with this platform. It’ll eventually lock up all the money you deposit and make it impossible to get back. 

How does Bitcoin Code make money?

This platform makes money through:

– Charging a fee for every profitable trade it executes
– Withholding your money even when you wish to take it out
– Making you deposit more money to “save” a lost investment

How much is the Bitcoin Code minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit for this platform is $250. The company tries to make this amount seem like an affordable opt-in compared to other platforms. But remember this: no matter how much money you deposit, you’ll likely never see it again.

Is Bitcoin Code a fraud?

Yes, this platform is a fraud. No investor has ever made money off of this platform, and you should steer clear of it at all costs.

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