Bitcoin Era Review — Confirmed Scam 202

The platform promises easy money with no sign-up cost. However, it scams users out of money after sign-up.
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However, be warned: some ‘prominent’ bitcoin trading platforms are out to scam you. Worse, they’re highly skilled at hiding negative press and promoting only the ‘legit’ side of their business. 

In this Bitcoin Era review, we’ll examine whether this well-known platform is a scam.

Bitcoin Era Quick Summary

Bitcoin Era claims to be a trading robot that supports both manual and auto trading. It supposedly leads the world in how accurate its signals are and claims that traders will earn consistent profits when using the app. But beware, Bitcoin Era can with a high certainty be considered a scam. 

The Bitcoin Era app is free to download, and the company states that they take 0% of traders’ profits. Technically this is true: the app is free, but the company scams investors out of money before they have a chance to turn a profit.

5 Reasons Why Not to Use Bitcoin Era

The company’s promise is alluring to many investors, but keep reading and just watch the warning signs pile up.

1. Bitcoin Era Scam Disclaimer

The company has a whole section on its homepage that addresses the question ‘is Bitcoin Era a scam.’ Fair enough. 

Bitcoin era scam

Unfortunately, the link loops you to the top of the page you’re already on — seems odd, right?

2. Where’s the Profit?

Registration is free. You don’t have to download any software. The company takes none of your profits.

Where is the money coming from, and how do they fund this world-beating algorithm?

3. Super Clever Helpful Robots

The algorithm purportedly does all the work for you. Robots are incredibly useful in trading bitcoin, but none of them are that good. Even auto trading requires effort and analysis, but the site claims to make trading easy for people with ‘zero experience.’ Nope.

4. How Many Celebrities?

Crypto trading isn’t Live Aid. Why would everyone from Novak Djokovic to Richard Branson suddenly want to talk about this platform? Mass celebrity endorsement is usually fake and indicates a scam.

5. Google It

You’ve never seen a brand that Google loves as much as Bitcoin Era. The results in the screenshot below are all paid ads from different websites, clearing up your concerns about the platform while also claiming to be the official website. Why might a brand need such an aggressive PR campaign?

Google bitcoin era

Who Does Bitcoin Era Target?

The platform targets new traders who have read news articles about meteoric rises in the value of cryptocurrencies. Wanting to learn how to trade crypto is understandable, but scam platforms neatly sidestep, offering information on how success requires analysis and trading experience.

Bitcoin Era Company Information

It’s not easy to find much information about the company, which is another bad sign. The ‘About Us’ page contains no information on:

  • The company’s foundation date
  • The company’s founders (other than being ‘software engineers’)
  • Anything else except promotions

The page is by Anton Kovačić, a ‘finance graduate and crypto enthusiast.’ This may or may not be true. He appears very smartly dressed and enjoys sports and movies.

Bitcoin Era: Scam or Safe?

Aside from its sketchy presentation, users will soon find out how the platform makes its money. The algorithm may indeed produce a good trading experience, but this is irrelevant compared to the Bitcoin Era fraud method.

It also offers a demo account to help it seem like there’s a Bitcoin Era legit bonus when you start live trading. A demo account is a valuable tool used by legit platforms that helps you practice cryptocurrency trading.

How Bitcoin Era Try to Scam You

  1. You open a Bitcoin Era account, providing your phone number and email address.
  2. You receive a phone call from an advisor requesting a €1000 deposit. The call is friendly and suggests that it will help your investment opportunities.
  3. If you refuse the €1000 offer, they insist you must invest at least €250 to start trading.
  4. Upon making the €250 investment, it vanishes from your account. The company assures you it is using the money for an investment (it is not. Your money is gone).
  5. Upon asking for info, you learn that your currency has lost its value. They ask for more and promise better returns.
  6. If you ask for your money back, they request more documentation, such as your bank details and driver’s license. Handing these over will open you up to more scams, and you should never do this.

How Does Bitcoin Era Work According to Themselves?

This bitcoin trading app claims to use ‘novel SmartTouch technology’ to inform its trading robot. The robot supposedly moves faster than other investment technologies, giving it a split-second advantage and the ability to trade more effectively.

Bitcoin Era Usability

Getting set up is very easy — fill in a form and provide details such as your phone number.

Bitcoin Era Trade Experience

The algorithm may deliver a good cryptocurrency trading experience, but this Bitcoin Era review won’t focus on the algorithm’s functionality. It’s difficult to know for sure because as soon as you try to use it, the scam phone calls begin.

Bitcoin Era App

The Bitcoin Era app is free and easy to download, but oddly enough, you’ll find that the website is an old version of the current website both heavily promoted on Google search.

The old… (

the new

…and the new (

Bitcoin Era Automated Trading

The auto trading technology is supposedly so clever that traders with no experience can easily make money. The scammers understand that users with no live trading experience don’t know the right questions to ask when their money vanishes.

Bitcoin Era Fees

The site charges users no fees for sign-up, nor does it take a percentage of their profits. Everything is supposedly free!

Endorsed by Celebrities and TV Shows

The platform often uses supposed celebrity endorsements to promote itself.

Bitcoin Era Richard Branson

bitcoin era Richard Branson

Richard Branson, the British founder of the Virgin Group, has had his name used to endorse so many scams that he wrote a blog post disclaimer explaining he has nothing to do with fraud sites like the Bitcoin Era scam. The platform used Richard Branson’s name as advertising in 2020.

This Morning

This Morning

Another popular choice is the UK TV show This Morning. A clever bit of PR is that even reviews paid to be optimistic about the site disclaim such silly reports and instead focus on the Bitcoin Era bonus possibilities for cryptocurrency trading.

Gordon Ramsay

World-renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay is another name used in fake ads. Heartbreakingly, vulnerable investors fall victim to these bogus celebrity endorsements. 

Piers Morgan

The Bitcoin Era scam has also falsely claimed TV host Piers Morgan endorsed its site. Fraud and ‘fake news’ claims used by websites that endorse the trading platform make it impossible to tell what information is legitimate.

Piers Morgan

Fake Bitcoin Era Reviews & Reputation

The site uses paid, SEO-heavy positive reviews and Google adverts to force negative information down the search rankings. It uses SEO to control its reputation and lure in unsuspecting investors.

Fake Bitcoin Era Reviews

The site uses strong SEO to dominate the search rankings, suppress scam warnings, and push investors to sign up.


Trustpilot encourages customers to use caution as the firm is under scrutiny.

Bitcoin Era Security

At a glance, the website seems to provide good security as a trading platform. However, it does so while clearly scamming money and personal information from its customers.

Final Verdict

Scams are, unfortunately, a hallmark of the cryptocurrency era. Bitcoin Era adds a certain irony to this with its fraudulent operation.

We can confidently say that the Bitcoin Era fraud is among many other recent cryptocurrency scams. It even uses some of the same fake celebrity endorsements.

If you’re looking for how to sign up for Era Bitcoin, fraud should be the first word in your mind. It’s too good to be true: instead, learn about live trading using a respected cryptocurrency trading app that doesn’t promise everything for free.


How can you use the Bitcoin Era App?

The app is free to download. However, we do not recommend this app as it is a scam.

Is Bitcoin Era legit?

The automated trading algorithm may be legitimate, but the company isn’t. Don’t use it.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin Era? 

The main advantage is that it’s easy to spot that the company is a scam due to its fake celebrity endorsements and spammed Google Ads.

How long does it take to gain a reward with Bitcoin Era?

This scam company will start stealing your money as quickly as possible. Don’t sign up.

How much is the Bitcoin Era bonus?

The platform claims to offer better returns than other cryptocurrency trading services. However, you don’t stand to gain anything by using this app.

Can you make money with Bitcoin Era?

No. The company is a fraud.

Where is Bitcoin Era based?

The founders claim to be from Wall Street and Silicon Valley. However, the advertising model disproportionately targets UK investors. It’s unclear where the company is registered.

How does Bitcoin Era make money?

It encourages gullible investors to put more money into investments that they do not control and then ‘lose’ the money and ask for more.

How much is the Bitcoin Era minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is €250, although they will ask for up to €1000 the first time they call you.

Is Bitcoin Era a fraud?

Yes, it is a fraud. Do not use this platform.

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