Bitcoin Storm – Confirmed Scam

Bitcoin Storm promises big things like you will become rich quickly and that almost 95% of people who invest make profits within 24 hours. None of this is true.
Are you here because you dream of making big money with Bitcoin Storm? Then we want to stop you right here to avoid making a big mistake. It is a Bitcoin Storm scam where you will lose all your money and your entire investment will go to the people behind the scam. As Bitcoin has become increasingly popular today, there have also been more and more scams online. Bitcoin Storm is just one of many scams that exist today.

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bitcoin storm review

Bitcoin Storm lures with promises of making thousands of euros / USD in a very short time, but the truth is that it is not possible to make money with this service. They use celebrities, false marketing and ads on social media to lure in their customers. All Bitcoin Storm is a scam and you will not see your money again. If you are interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you should instead open an account with eToro. It is a regulated service and not a scam. There is also the possibility to open a demo account to learn trading. We have compiled a Bitcoin Storm review to help you understand how this scam works. Is Bitcoin Storm a Scam? Yes! We want to help you avoid this Bitcoin Storm scam and save your money.

Bitcoin Storm promises big things like you will become rich quickly and that almost 95% of people who invest make profits within 24 hours. None of this is true, they just use big promises for you to make an investment in their system. Bitcoin Storm is one of many scams circulating today and targeting desperate people who want to make money quickly. They also market themselves heavily to elderly people and those who have never before made investments in Bitcoin. It is easy to fall for a scam like this and it is our goal to avoid you being deceived by this scam. Making money with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is possible, but it also comes with great risks. Bitcoin Storm wants you to believe that there are no risks with their system. That it is an advanced system that handles the trade for you. Sounds too good to be true already here? That’s exactly what it is.

How They Say Bitcoin Storm Should Work

Bitcoin Storm claims to use an advanced algorithm that means their trading robots closely follow the cryptocurrency market and know when it is time to execute a trade. Bitcoin Storm says it works like this:

  • You easily create an account
  • An expert broker will call you with information
  • You make a small investment of 250 euros
  • You have access to a personal broker and their trading system
  • You only need to spend 20 minutes per day on the system
  • The trading robots know when it is time to execute trading
  • You make a profit within 24 hours
  • If you make larger investments, you will get even more money for yourself
bitcoin storm scam

Advanced trading robots that perform your trading

The people behind Bitcoin Storm say they have many years of experience in the industry and that their system is the best there is. They use an advanced algorithm that understands the cryptocurrency market. They will execute the trade at the best time and therefore create large sums of money for you. To get started, all that is required is 250 euros, and you will guaranteed make money. You don’t even need to understand how cryptocurrency works yourself, the system does everything for you. Their system has very few risks and according to Bitcoin Storm, almost 95% of their users make a profit with their system. There is also a graph on their website showing how easy it is to make a big profit with their system. Trading is easy with Bitcoin Storm – at least that’s what they want you to believe.

How it Actually Works

How the system behind Bitcoin Storm actually works is different. The people behind Bitcoin Storm are smart and use an advanced platform. But the platform is not for trading cryptocurrency, it is only for scamming you out of your money. When you make a deposit with Bitcoin Storm, your money will disappear immediately and you will never get your money back. Because the people behind Bitcoin Storm have been running the scam for a long time, it is also difficult to stop it.

How Bitcoin Storm Tries to Scam You

Bitcoin Storm is a scam that has been going on for many years, and unfortunately we do not see this type of scam ending. Unfortunately, there are still far too many people falling for these scams, and the police are constantly receiving more reports from people who have been scammed by this scam. Bitcoin Storm tries to scam you with:

  • Fake reviews
  • Fake profiles on social media
  • Big promises of an advanced system
  • Fake ads
  • Videos about how their system starts
  • Stories about people who have become rich with Bitcoin Storm
  • Fake reviews of their system

Since the scam has been going on for many years, they are getting better and better at doing false marketing and attracting new users. With Bitcoin Storm, there is only one thing certain – you will lose all your money with their trading platform.

bitcoin storm fake

Celebrities who have become rich through their system

Have you ever read about Bitcoin Storm Filip Hammar? He is a celebrity who is often mentioned in articles about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. In these articles it says that he has made investments in their system and quickly earned back his investment. However, this is not the truth, his name is used without his consent. Despite filing a police report, this has not helped, and his name continues to be used by scams like Bitcoin Storm.

Registration with Bitcoin Storm

To make it easier to scam people, Bitcoin Storm has made it very easy to set up an account. All you have to do is fill in some personal details, verify yourself, and make a deposit. It takes less than 5 minutes to create an account. To get you to create an account faster and not think about it, there is also a countdown clock. This is so that you think you are getting a very good price for your first deposit. Once you have created an account, you will start receiving both phone calls and emails from the people behind Bitcoin Storm.

The People Behind Bitcoin Storm Will Call You at Least 50 Times

As soon as you have provided your personal details, the calls will start and they will not stop. You will receive a call from a “knowledgeable broker” who will tell you how your investment will be used. The person is often from a country such as the United Kingdom and will call you often. Bitcoin Storm wants you to make even more investments in addition to just 250 euros. It is not only phone calls from Bitcoin Storm that you will receive. You will quickly notice that more and more scam phone calls are coming to your mobile. Your email will also receive up to 50 scam emails per day. Bitcoin Storm sells your details on to make more money, and so that you can be scammed over and over again.

They Want You to Deposit at Least 250€

To create an account, you must make a minimum investment of 250 euros. When Bitcoin Storm calls you, they will try to persuade you to make an investment of at least 1 000 euros. This is so that you can make even more money with Bitcoin Storm. Your personal broker will explain why a larger investment is better.

When You Deposit Money into Bitcoin Storm

As soon as you deposit your money into Bitcoin Storm, they will try to persuade you to make even larger investments in their system. You will be given access to a personal broker who will call you over and over again about investments. You will also be given access to their advanced system where you can track your investment. Bitcoin Storm promises that you will make money in as little as 24 hours, which you will also do. However, everything is a lie and as soon as you make an investment, you will lose all of your investment.

They Will Call You Again

You will receive calls from Bitcoin Storm over and over again and they will pressure you for even more money. The people behind Bitcoin Storm have their own call center, which means that they have the ability to call you often. They will try to persuade you to make even larger investments in their system and will often use high pressure sales tactics. If you refuse to make more investments, they may even threaten you.

They Will Not Give You Your Money Back

When you try to get your money back from Bitcoin Storm, they will do everything they can to keep your money. They will make excuses, not answer your calls, and not respond to your emails. If you do manage to get in touch with them, they will try to persuade you to make more investments or give you a small amount of your money back in the hope that you will forget about the rest.

How to Protect Yourself from the Bitcoin Storm Scam

Being safe online is important, especially because there are too many scams online today. Bitcoin Storm is one of many that want to deceive you out of your money, and more scams keep coming. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to always check that the site you want to make an investment on is completely safe. Check that there is actually a license, and always check that it is correct. Do not give away your details to anyone if you are not completely sure that the site is safe to use. It is always better to do too many checks than too few.

When it comes to your money and personal details, it is important that you are always safe and keep your details safe. If you see an ad that promises this on social media, it is important that you report it. Not only to protect yourself, but also others.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How many scams like Bitcoin Storm are there?

There is much evidence to suggest that Bitcoin Storm is one of many scams that the same people are behind. Unfortunately, they often change names to prevent you from finding information that their site is a scam. But their concept is exactly the same – advanced trading robots that do all the work for you.

What can you do to get your investments back?

Unfortunately, nothing. It is definitely worth making a police report so that they are aware that it has happened. Many cases are however dismissed quickly and there is no real investigation. This is for many reasons, but the main one is that it is difficult for the police to find the people behind the scam.

What are the signs that the site is a scam?

There are many signs that a site is a scam. However, there are three things you should particularly think about: It sounds too good to be true They promise advanced trading robots You have to make a large investment right away

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