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Currently, one ELF costs $ 0.305885 and has a marketcap of $ 141.39 M. The last 24 hours, the price has changed by -1.89%. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, aelf is ranked number 5332, based on marketcap.

Cryptocurrencies go beyond the coins themselves, and that’s clear when you take a look at the aelf project. In addition to its coin, ELF, this project is ready to support the DeFi industry as it continues to develop and grow. Learn more about the technology and whether its coin is the right investment for your crypto wallet. 

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What Is aelf?

aelf is a cloud-based Layer 2 solution with a multilevel mainchain-sidechain architecture that guarantees unlimited scalability as well as high TPS, supports developers to run DApps on independent sidechains, and facilitates smooth communication between chains and projects.

How Does aelf Work?

aelf is focused on side chains and governance systems to improve how DeFi currencies function. This means that many of the processes that you’d normally find on the main blockchain are delegated to the side chain to make way for greater scalability. 

As for governance, the platform uses delegated Proof of Stake so that authorizations are faster and more flexible. Both these innovations allow for businesses to better manage their crypto activities while taking advantage of side chains. 

Step-By-Step Guide to ELF

aelf’s token is ELF. If you’re looking to invest with ELF, here’s what you need to know about obtaining this coin:

1.    Find a Market — ELF has been listed on many mainstream exchanges and supports various trading pairs. You can find it on CEX like Binance, OKEx, Huobi, Gate, KuCoin or DEX like Uniswap.

2.    Choose a Pair You Own — For example, if you want to buy in US dollars, look for ELF/USD.

3.    Decide on Staking — Staking can earn you rewards, and you may be able to earn even more on the side chains. Explore the current benefits of staking with ELF and see if the rewards are worth keeping it on the blockchain.

Who Is aelf For?

For those looking to be part of a larger project beyond the more common cryptocurrencies while taking advantage of staking rewards with flexible governance, this could be a good choice for investing. 

Who Is Behind aelf?

This is a Singaporean-based company whose leaders are early adopters of digital currencies and experts in the DeFi industry. In fact, the founder of the project is Haobo Ma. These leaders came to the project understanding the need for reliable operating systems in the DeFi market and ready to deliver an excellent product. 

What Makes aelf Unique?

ELF tokens are verified through a delegated Proof of Stake. This means that coin holders are part of the governance of the coin and do their part in keeping it secure. This also allows buyers to stake their ELF tokens, allowing them to earn rewards for keeping their investments on the blockchain to help verify future purchases. 

In addition to this, ELF goes beyond just being another cryptocurrency by being connected to the power, cutting-edge technology of aelf. This means that the coin and the cloud platform go hand-in-hand which is promising for investors. 


If your crypto wallet is itching for a new addition, consider ELF coin as your next investment. Check out aelf for yourself and see how it’s changing the blockchain game and whether its coin could be the ideal coin to purchase if you’re looking for staking rewards. 


Is aelf Legit?

As a business blockchain platform, it’s designed to maintain a secure operating system for businesses involved in DeFi. Based in Singapore, this is considered to be a safe platform for blockchain owners to adopt for maintaining their operations. 

Is ELF Good to Buy?

As the coin of aelf, ELF is similarly seeing a rise in popularity, since aelf is considered to be a leader in blockchain technology. However, while ELF may currently be on the rise, this doesn’t mean you should definitely buy. Check on current prices and trends and research the state of this coin before investing in this cryptocurrency. 

How Many Coins Are There?

Since launching in 2017, the coin has 880 million tokens in circulation. The max supply is 1 billion coins, and the coin currently has a respectable circulation ranking. 

Is aelf’s Value Expected to Rise?

Currently, aelf is considered to be a leader in blockchain technology, particularly in the cloud. And based on the current trends of cryptocurrency, the demand for this technology to manage DeFi investments will only grow. As long as the company continues to grow and develop the technology to keep it in its current place (ahead of the others), there’s a good shot that its success is likely to continue. 

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