BODAV2 - What it is & How to Buy

BODAV2 Price Info

Currently, one BODAV2 costs and has a marketcap of . The last 24 hours, the price has changed by . Compared to other cryptocurrencies, BODA Token is ranked number , based on marketcap.

BODAV2 is a reward token – this means that owners are rewarded simply for holding it. Although launching relatively recently, it’s already making waves in the crypto community.

Here we break down more details about this exciting reward token and whether you should consider buying it. 

What Is BODAV2?

This crypto reward currently provides the biggest financial reimbursements of any token on the Binance Smart Chain – the blockchain for non-central processes that run next to the Binance Chain. Rewards are given in the form of BUSD, and there are currently approximately 678 trillion Boda tokens in circulation.

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How Does BODAV2 Work?

BODAV2 has been developed with crypto-investors in mind. This is because the Boda token relieves some stresses of investing, as holders don’t have to do anything to watch their investments make gains. It’s sustainably driven as there is a double structure system of charges, part of which is used to fund the Yield Farm – an investment strategy concerning lending or staking cryptocurrency. This way, the funding of the Yield Farm is constant, creating non-stop BUSD rewards, even over a long period.

A Quick Guide to BODAV2

•      The Boda token has been designed so that the longer investors hold onto their investments, the bigger their rewards are.

•      BUSD payments are made automatically after every sale or purchase.

•      There’s a manual BUSD removal button, but there’s an automatic cycle of payouts too.

•      Rebasing takes place every three months.

Who Is BODAV2 For?

Boda tokens are primarily for crypto-enthusiasts and investors looking for a more passive way to make gains on their crypto assets over the long term. BODAV2 is decentralized, and it helps crypto-owners navigate through more turbulent markets.

This is because BUSD rewards aren’t influenced by token price changes. Even during a bear market, when crypto supply’s far greater than demand, BODAV2 holders will see returns.

Who Created BODAV2?

The reward tokens were created by Australia-based Billy Thomas and his team. BODAV2 was created as a secondary model of BODA – a meme token that was abandoned after its launch. Billy Thomas decided to develop the meme token, but after hurdles surrounding copyright and more, he and his team decided to create BODAV2.

What Makes BODAV2 Worthwhile?

Each element of the Boda token blockchain program has been built for a purpose – from structuring the Yield Farm to mechanisms for maintaining price stability and the sustainable ecosystem.

The Boda token is also unique because it offers returns but also stability – two financial aspects that don’t usually go together. This is because BUSD has a fixed exchange rate to the US dollar.

The Breakdown

So if you are a crypto-enthusiast, owner, or investor and have been thinking about stablecoin investments, a Boda token could be for you. With rewards paid in BUSD and a Yield Farm that’s sustainably supported by the fee system, BODAV2 is an exciting reward token option. Buy now so you can start earning valuable rewards today!


BODAV2 is an exciting opportunity for crypto-owners to build on their assets. Here we answer some of the most popular Boda token questions.

Is BODAV2 Legit?

Absolutely. This reward token’s not only currently providing one of the biggest financial reimbursements of any token on Binance Smart Chain, but it has put a lot of effort into protecting investor awards. For example, it has an inbuilt anti-whale and anti-dumping mechanism. This involves limiting purchases to 10 trillion BODAV2 per order and limiting selling to 1 trillion BODAV2 per order.

What Role Will NFTs Play?

NFTs are going to be used as well as BUSD and the Yield Farm as part of building and maintaining the ecosystem of the Boda tokens. The idea is to create an NFT Marketplace and NFT gaming options, which will then boost the worldwide profile of the rewards.

Do You Need a Minimum Number of Tokens Before You Start Earning BUSD Rewards?

Yes. Investors need to own a minimum of 3 billion tokens.

What Is BUSD?

A BUSD is a stablecoin, which is a kind of cryptocurrency. Stablecoins have been created to offer investors an alternative and more stable way to conduct transactions. They’re less likely to lose their value as they are linked to a more stable asset. In the case of BODAV2, this asset is the US dollar.

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