Earnifi - What it is & How to Buy


What is Earnifi?

Earnifi is a new DeFi-project that helps users to find unclaimed airdrops by connecting any EVM-chain compatible address (such as Ethereum or BSC) to the earnifi service. According to them, they are “on a mission to find millions”, helping their users to dig out airdrops that might expire soon or have gone unnoticed. With thousands of airdrops around the cryptosphere, earnifi wants to be your helpful assistant in finding the ones available to you.

The earnifi solution takes the hassle out of manually tracking and claiming many different coins, all at once. By linking your address via earnifi, coins are automatically tracked for you, and earnifi never lets you miss out on an airdrop again. At its basic tier, you can connect 2 addresses to the service, while their premium offering lets you connect up to 50 addresses.

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How do you use earnifi?

  1. Using earnifi is easy:
  2. Enter the website by typing in earni.fi
  3. Find your EVM-compatible address (such as Ethereum or BSC address)
  4. Enter its address manually into the empty field on the front page – Earnifi does everything else!
  5. Find out if you are eligible for any airdrop and claim them!

What is a cryptocurrency airdrop?

In order to understand what earnifi is doing, it’s helpful to first understand airdrops. In short, an airdrop of cryptocurrency is when a cryptocurrency project distributes free tokens or coins to the community.

The reason for this could differ. Many newer projects use this as a way to build their userbase, grow their social media following, earn press coverage, etc. Others pursue airdrops of tokens to avoid the centralization of a project. An example is the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) airdrop, which rewarded early adopters with five-figure worth governance tokens, with the intention to decentralize the governance of their organization.

The famous ENS airdrop

The Ethereum Name Service is a good example of a successful airdrop. The ENS is a decentralized and open name registration system on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to register names ending in ‘.eth’, for example earnifi.eth, which can be used as an alias for your wallet address with most wallets. To reward their early adopters, as well as to minimize the risk of centralizing their governance, the ENS did an airdrop of governance tokens. These tokens were, after launch, worth around 50-80 USD each.

How does earnifi find airdrops?

Earnifi’s solution is to find airdrops automatically by syncing with your address, but also manually via one of their sources. Earnifi’s databases are updated on an hourly basis and include all kinds of information about tokens, whitepapers and teams. Earnifi has currently listed more than 400 assets.

What’s in it for me?

Apart from receiving free crypto tokens/coins which might be worth money, these can also let you decide the future for some projects, like the airdrop mentioned above.

airdrop earnify

How do I know if am I eligible?

Projects often reward their users with airdrops if they get something in return. Most commonly, you are rewarded because you were an early adopter. However – beware of projects that require you to do simple actions such as following a social media account or completing an airdrop form. According to Dawson Botsford of Earnifi – none of the real and valuable airdrops require social media nor forms.

How do I claim my airdrops?

All you need to do is visit earnifi and enter your address – earnifi does the rest!. That’s it!

Earnifi Premium

Earnifi offers a premium service for those “serious about DeFi” which adds some nifty features compared to the free version. Firstly, you can connect up to 50 different addresses, instead of just two in the free version. This greatly improves your chances of catching more and better airdrops, as different addresses often have different eligibility. You are also gaining access to more premium airdrops that aren’t available in the free version at all. Be sure to check the premium version out to see if it’s for you.


Earnifi offers a useful and time-saving way of finding airdrops you probably never would have heard about without using their service. With the immense information overload crypto enthusiasts often have to cope with, earnify can serve as a very valuable tool, saving you time and energy, and opening up airdrop-possibilities that otherwise would have been unknown to you.

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