ReBaked - What it is & How to Buy

You might have heard of ReBaked, a platform that aims to transform how people recruit and develop Web 3.0 projects. Some people are heralding it as a breakthrough platform that’s revolutionizing the industry, but is this accurate?

Read on to find out more about ReBaked.

ReBaked website
From Rebaked Website

What is ReBaked?

To put it simply, the Polygon for Ethereum integrated ReBaked makes tools for Web 3.0 projects. The platform has been made for collaboration – freelancers bid for positions and businesses owners then construct their teams based on talent and suitability. It is a win-win for both collaborator and sponsor as teams are created of like-minded individuals.

The platform offers four key products: ReBaked Pioneers facilitates talent access; ReBaked Build provides collaborators with a stake in the Web 3.0 project work. It provides DAO payroll, DeCi grant governance, plus rewards. 

ReBaked CrowdHack allows any Web 3.0 coin to be used as a base currency, and ReBaked PlayShare is an in-game platform for Play 2 Earn games. PlayShare provides Token LaunchPad, GameFi KickStarter, NFTs, Gaming, and Mystery Boxes.

How does ReBaked work?

It aims to revolutionize employment and recruitment for Web 3.0 projects. The platform allows entrepreneurs who require certain skills, to create a dynamic and talented team of freelancers who are as invested in the project as they are.

Step by step guide to ReBaked

To use Rebaked, go to their website and subscribe. Or, you can sign up as a collaborator.

Then, go to ‘User Profile’ and fill out the necessary information. This is your opportunity to sell your skills to recruiters, so make it count.

Who Is ReBaked For?

ReBaked is for freelancers who want to earn more money, as good performance is rewarded. And it’s for business owners who want to be more protected – economic risk is reduced as talent is more likely to meet demands. 

For entrepreneurs, freelancers who use Polygon and Ethereum, game enthusiasts, crypto-asset owners, innovators, and collaborators wanting to contribute to developing the next Polygon for Ethereum integrated Web 3.0 projects, ReBaked could be the platform for you. 

A wallet of at least one stake of 25000 $BAKED tokens is all that is necessary to join in.

Who is Behind ReBaked?

ReBaked is a private company based in Singapore with an approximate staff size of 11-50 people.

What makes ReBaked unique?

The first of its kind, the platform focuses on revolutionizing project collaboration by altering the relationship between freelancers and business owners, encouraging transparency and accountability.

The Breakdown

If you are: 

  • A dynamic business leader interested in building Polygon for Ethereum integrated Web 3.0 projects
  • An ambitious and talented freelancer
  • Creative
  • A game lover
  • Use Polygon or Ethereum

Then this platform is made for you.

ReBaked’s focus on collaboration and ownership sets it apart in the industry, and freelancers can earn more with reward systems.

We definitely think it’s worth opening an account today.


Is ReBaked legit?

Yes, the ReBaked contract can be verified by both Etherscan and Polygonscan. The $BAKED tokens are supported by treasuries which are then supported by the ReBaked Dao.

Who Is PlayShare For?

PlayShare will be multi-chain on Binance Smart Chain, Harmony, and Polygon. It’s for anyone interested in creating and monetizing games. Metaverse asset owners can gain a steady income, and users don’t need to invest in PlayShare before playing, meaning that it’s accessible to everyone.

What Content Can Be Expected in the PlayShare Mystery Boxes?

The PlayShare mystery boxes will be randomly produced for users. They will contain one or a combination of: 

– FTs and IGOs
– Free NFTs
– IGO Allocation
– Premium NFTs

What is Token LaunchPad?

Token LaunchPad is a mechanism created to help the financing of projects pre-launch. The Token LaunchPad will allow projects to be financed 50% by investors and 50% by the community – from developers, creators, and contributors – who will then contribute to the project.

What is Game KickStarter?

In PlayShare, Game KickStarter is a platform where users can build and monetize games. Game KickStarter offers in-game assets and game development tools. Its user-friendly interface means that it can be used by enthusiasts as much as professionals. It also has an NFT marketplace and an in-game asset marketplace too.

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