Safe Haven - What it is & How to Buy

Since 2017, Safe Haven has been using blockchain and its own innovative security and storage protocols to provide clients with safe, efficient methods of managing and transferring their digital assets. Safe Haven prides itself on partnering with various organizations within the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities to create a trusted network of decentralized financial technology companies. 

While the company is still growing, its current ecosystem offers many solutions for managing digital assets such as cryptocurrency, NFTs, photos, and documents.

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What is Safe Haven?

At its core, Safe Haven is designed to be a secure DeFi toolbox for the digital economy. This includes providing clients with digital inheritance solutions, secure digital ledger technology, browser-based wallets, and ID management. Clients will find a fully realized DeFi ecosystem within which they can manage, store, and transfer their digital assets smoothly and securely, without any of the red tape or restrictions associated with going through middlemen such as banks.

SHA is a cryptocurrency that is integral to the function of the Safe Haven ecosystem. It is used to create digital inheritance and backup plans, as well as used in staking and locking mechanisms. SHA can be purchased on several cryptocurrency trading platforms, including KuCoin, BitMart, Vexchange, and Bitrue.

Safe Haven’s main product available is the SafeKey, a device capable of universal two-factor identification and secure data storage. SafeKey allows clients to access their accounts on multiple platforms, such as Facebook and Google, with the click of a button. SafeKey’s cold storage functionality comes through its support of the SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol).

How Does Safe Haven Work?

Safe Haven uses a security-focused, blockchain agnostic approach to backup, ID management, inheritance, and transfer of digital assets and data. This means all digital currencies are supported by Safe Haven’s platform, with no preference for any currency over another. Customers can therefore consolidate their digital assets into one wallet or digital ledger without keeping track of multiple accounts.

Step-By-Step Guide for Using Safe Haven

  1. Visit the website’s homepage.
  2. Choose the product you’re interested in.
  3. Purchase SafeKey via webshop and/or purchase SHA to use in the Safe Haven ecosystem (like setting up digital inheritance or backup plans).
  4. Follow the user guides or tutorials available for each product.

Who Should Use Safe Haven?

Safe Haven’s digital ecosystem can benefit anyone looking for secure DeFi solutions to streamline and decentralize their online transactions and assets. 

Currently, the company’s services are largely tailored toward individual clients who want to manage their digital assets through a secure platform. But once fully realized, Safe Haven intends to expand its platform to include solutions for entrepreneurs, developers, blockchain projects, and existing financial services companies.

Who’s The Team Behind Safe Haven?

Safe Haven has its origins in Belgium, though the company now spans eight countries on three continents. Its founders include Jurgen Schouppe, an IT professional and network/security engineer employed by the European Parliament, and Andy Demeulemeester, an entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience in various multinational companies. Both co-founders have been involved in blockchain from their earliest days, and they have a vested interest in creating secure and decentralized digital storage solutions that are accessible to all.

In keeping with the collaborative, community-oriented spirit of blockchain and decentralized finance technology, Safe Haven is partnered with several companies and organizations dedicated to different aspects of digital asset transfer, storage, and security. These partners include:

What Makes Safe Haven Unique? 

Decentralized Inheritance. A secure, decentralized way to transfer your digital assets such as cryptocurrency, NFTs, photos, and documents, even after your death.

Distributed Ledger Technology. Be in total control of your assets, with instant access and transfer capability; no need to wait for a bank to handle your transactions for you.

Wallets. Store your assets in a browser-based wallet specifically designed to store and send cryptocurrencies.

ID Management. Use one single login to access an assortment of apps, reducing password fatigue and decreasing the likelihood of security breaches due to multiple weak passwords.


Cryptocurrency investors and customers looking for stable DeFi solutions for their digital assets should follow Safe Haven’s development with interest. In particular, those who struggle with remembering multiple passwords or who have a tendency to create simple passwords out of frustration will benefit from using SafeKey, which allows access to multiple apps through one secure login. 

Additionally, anyone seeking to create a streamlined and decentralized inheritance plan for their digital assets should check out Safe Haven’s security-forward, blockchain-centred approach to digital inheritance.

Learn more about Safe Haven by visiting their website to see if this wallet is right for you.


Is Safe Haven Legit?

Yes, Safe Haven is a legitimate company with open ties to several other well-established wallets and DeFi-oriented businesses. They maintain public social media profiles on most of the major platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

What is Safe Haven’s Privacy Policy?

Per their website, the company adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) established by the European Union in 2018. While they collect data voluntarily submitted by their customers, they do not share that data with third parties. When the company no longer has a need for your private data, they will either delete or anonymize it. 

How Responsive is Safe Haven?

According to their website, the team is committed to answering messages from customers within five business days. Head to their “Contact Us” page for a detailed breakdown of where to submit your query.