Unitycol Protocol - What it is & How to Buy

Unitycol Protocol Introduction

Building an initial crypto portfolio seems like a challenge. Other investors may already have a head-start — but remember that there was a time when everyone except Satoshi Nakamoto was late to the bitcoin party. Starting a crypto portfolio is just as possible today as it was back then, but you need to invest in the right places and projects.

Could Unity Protocol be that project? Learn more about this blockchain project in our Unitycol review.

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What Is Unitycol?

Unitycol is a project that aims to make crypto investments more accessible for low-portfolio users. It uses the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain to allow users to invest in its native token, Unity Protocol (UNITY).

The blockchain project is up-and-coming. Its initial offering is UnityPAD, an IDO launch platform. It claims to have run 2 IDOs on UnityPAD already via Pancakeswap, noting that its first IDO made 20x on its launch.

How Does Unitycol Work?

Unity Protocol is designed to be deflationary and geared towards rewarding its holders. In practice, this means that vendors will be encouraged to purchase and burn tokens, reducing the supply and increasing the value of the remaining tokens.

The platform aims to offer users access to IDOs based on the volume of the token they hold. It features key benefits for high-volume token holders, with three tiers:

  • Family: Those holding ≥25,000 UNITY will have undisputed first-3-day access to IDOs with no upper investment limit, plus the option to invest more after the initial 3 days.
  • Relatives: Anyone with ≥10,000 UNITY will be able to invest up to 50% of the IDO max limit with privileged access for 3 days after the “family” period ends and the ability to continue investing until the IDO ends.
  • Community: Community members holding ≥5,000 UNITY will have a 3-day privileged access period to the IDO with a 25% maximum stake after the higher tiers end.

Unity Protocol operates as a reward system in this way. As it’s an up-and-coming project, those with low portfolios should take note that this might be a good chance to get in the doors early.

Unity Protocol Roadmap & Upcoming Projects

Other blockchain projects that Unitycol has in development or ready for launch include:

  • An NFT marketplace that’s run on the BSC blockchain and enables artists to earn passive income by producing high-value NFTs
  • Crypto bots to assist novice users with managing their portfolios
  • A fully compatible crypto wallet for Unity Protocol holders
  • UnityCom is a new token designed for users who intend to treat cryptocurrencies as a long-term investment rather than a commodity. UnityCom will see a large airdrop for UNITY holders upon launch.

The long-term goal of Unitycol is to open up the crypto market to new users and create an ecosystem that rewards long-term investors and blockchain enthusiasts rather than rogue traders.

Who Is Unitycol Aimed At?

Those with a low portfolio might find Unitycol attractive, as it offers strong rewards for those who purchase the UNITY token in bulk. 

Investors interested in long-term gains might see this as a low-risk opportunity that could yield significant rewards in the future, especially with the upcoming launch of UnityCom.

Vendors interested in purchasing and burning this deflationary token could also see significant gains in the value of their holdings.

Who Is Behind Unity Protocol?

The brain behind Unitycol is Syed Ayat Ali Gillani, a Pakistan-based blockchain expert with a wide following on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Spreading awareness of the advantages and challenges of crypto in Pakistan has been a critical part of his education-based approach to cryptocurrencies.

What Makes Unitycol Unique?

Unitycol offers beginner investors a way to develop their portfolios without subjecting themselves to volatile and complex crypto trading markets. It seeks to reward long-term investment and commitment to blockchain technologies.

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The platform is extremely new. As such, we will have to see if it can deliver on its promises. However, its promises seem authentic, and its founder has a strong background in blockchain advocacy. Investors looking to buy Unitycol should move quickly.


Is Unitycol legit?

There have been no reports of suspicious activity by Unitycol, and it uses the secure BSC blockchain. 

Does Unity have a cryptocurrency?

Unity Protocol (UNITY) is a token that can be purchased on the platform via the BSC blockchain.

How do I get Unity tokens?

Users should log into the company website

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