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The MagnetGold token (MGT) is a relatively new cryptocurrency that’s fast becoming one of the most exciting coins on the market. It has been created with the democratic ideals of crypto in mind but takes them further, imagining an exciting future where MGT coins can create jobs and support prosperity.

In this review, we’ll let you know if MagnetGold is a worthwhile coin or too ambitious. 

What Is MagnetGold?

MagnetGold is, first and foremost, a cryptocurrency. It is decentralized, said to be India’s leading cryptocurrency, and is on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20), which is similar to – but arguably expands upon – Ethereum’s ERC20 standard. Its total supply of tokens is 700,000,000, and there are already over 8,000 holders since its creation on the 22nd of August 2021.

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How Does MagnetGold Work?

A MagnetGold token aims to be part of the future’s democratization of funding and finance. This relatively new coin is all about making a new ecosystem that is controlled by its users, and about providing financial freedom and accessibility.

As part of this, it will fund startups that fit with its ethos. It will also be explicit about its development, so that prospective MagnetGold token owners know that the ethics and ambitions of the cryptocurrency also apply to the company and its practices.

Step-By-Step Guide to MagnetGold

Buying, selling, and trading MGT coins have been designed to be easy. Here is a quick guide: 

1.    The first step is logging in to the app that you use. MagnetGold tokens can be purchased with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Tether, or a Binance Coin.

2.    MGT coins are on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) so you should be able to start trading once you log in – it really is that simple.

Who Is MagnetGold For?

MTG coins have been created to make the world of financing a better place. Because of this, these tokens are for aspirational and ambitious individuals who may be interested in crypto or already have some crypto assets but who want to expand their portfolio and become part of the ever-growing crypto-universe.

The MTG coins will one day support many enterprises, so while the coin is for crypto-enthusiasts, it’s also for people who are hopeful, creative, and blue-sky thinkers.

Who Is Behind MagnetGold?

Longreen Corporation Limited is the Estonia-based company behind this cryptocurrency. Longreen Corporation Limited is part of Moral Group Of Companies, which was created in 2007. The corporation works in real estate, pharmaceuticals, and more. Longreen Corporation Limited has created a team of experienced and enthusiastic specialists to build and grow MagnetGold tokens.

What Makes MagnetGold Unique?

MTG coins are unique because of the ethos at the currency’s core. MagnetGold tokens have been created to be part of the revolution of prosperity and democratization of currency. As part of its ambitions, the currency will one-day support startups, real estate, e-commerce changes, and even establish its own crypto exchange.

The Round-Up

So if you are a crypto-enthusiast but are looking to own a relatively new coin as it goes from strength to strength, a MagnetGold token could be a great option. Already said to be India’s leading cryptocurrency, this coin is for people who are excited about the future and want to make a difference in it.

Buy now to learn more about the unique ethics and opportunities this coin promises.


Here we break down some of the most frequently asked questions about MagnetGold.

Is MagnetGold Legit?

Yes. Not only has the MagnetGold token passed its smart audit contract report, but the coin has been created with security in mind. No wallets hold more than 1% of the total token stock to protect users from whales disrupting token valuation. Similarly, the cryptocurrency uses state-of-the-art technology to secure assets.

Is MagnetGold Sustainably Driven?

Yes. As part of its business goal to make a positive impact, this cryptocurrency focuses on being sustainability-driven. But it’s not only the team that supports green energy – the technology which MTG has been built on aims to be part of a worldwide economy that’s more sustainably driven.

What Features Do the MagnetGold Tokens Boast?

The MTG coins have numerous features. These include being recognized worldwide, having a specially designed blockchain, and following sustainable practices with less electricity running during usage. It provides instant transfers, proof of transactions, and effective blockchain security.

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