Money Versum (MYV) - What it is & How to Buy

Money Versum (MYV) made a huge debut with its new company token in the spring of 2022. Since then, the team has made itself known among crypto enthusiasts with an innovative approach to the market. 

Their ambition and IEO release keep them on an upward trajectory in the market. Additionally, their casino-style platform is what makes this token so appealing. 

Keep reading our review on this up-and-coming cryptocurrency platform to learn more about what makes it unique and whether you should sign up.

What is Money Versum? 

Money Versum is a relatively new blockchain start-up that originated in Budapest, Hungary. Its founders created a roadmap that started in 2021, the year of its conception, and will lead them to goals spanning into 2023. This roadmap helped them launch into the global market the same year they created MYV. 

Since then, they have launched a company token that is centralized on a new exchange system. The team announced details of the IEO launch in the spring of 2022. 

Their model is based on a four-pillar approach. The four sectors are the utility of their cryptocurrency, the crypto-marketplace, the NFT marketplace, and a clothing brand. 

How Does Money Versum Work?

Every month, customers who own a minimum of 0.5 tokens are guaranteed a 30 percent cut of the exchange turnover. Users also have the ability to mint and exchange NFTs. 

The crypto exchange marketplace they use is known as, which is new in Hungary as well. Using the algorithm, the company token provides future passive income to those who purchase it. 

Step-by-Step Guide: Money Versum

Users enter the market through MYV through the Tron blockchain. All crypto enthusiasts can be serviced at one stop through the centralized exchange This way, users earn passive revenue based on what they’re holding. 

Who is Money Versum For? 

MYV appeals to users who are more familiar with cryptocurrency. However, beginners and individuals who casually buy, trade, and sell on the market can still benefit from what this company token has to offer. That said, it’s primarily recommended for more experienced users because of its ability to be used on the NFT market.

Who Is Behind Money Versum?

Sandor Rostas is the CEO, Janos Bali is the CTO, and Benjamin Kiss is the CIO. 

What Makes Money Versum Unique?

This company token is unique because it’s an NFT marketplace that offers more than NFTs. It’s also a digital space that offers additional services related to the entertainment industry. 

Money Versum made waves as a company by creating the first NFT marketplace in Hungary. It seeks to partner with Hungarian artists to help them protect their original works.


Money Versum is up and coming in the cryptocurrency marketplace. Their launch into the global marketplace with a casino-style platform appeals to individuals looking for low fees to collect future passive revenue and trade NFTs.

Is Money Versum Legit?

Yes, both the company and its currency are legitimate.

When Was Money Versum Created?

Money Versum started in the global market in 2021. Its token was launched in the spring of 2022.

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