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NEO Price Info

Currently, one NEO costs $ 9.16 and has a marketcap of $ 646.28 M. The last 24 hours, the price has changed by 0.68%. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, NEO is ranked number 74, based on marketcap.

Neo is a new, emerging player in the world of cryptocurrencies. It has many features similar to those found on Ethereum, including compatibility with decentralized applications like social networks and games but also more advanced functionalities such as tokenizing assets that were previously not tradeable due to their complexity or immutability concerns; providing identity management tools through its NEP5 Smart Contracts Lotus infrastructure which links data sources across different databases into one system storing personal information like name, address etc.; allowing users generate digital identities using verified biographies from official government registries.

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The Neo blockchain is more than just a place to store data. It can also be used as an identity system and decentralized file storage. Two native cryptocurrencies are running on the network: NEO (Neo token) for voting protocol changes, and GAS which pays users in computational power when needed – creating what’s called “Gas Exchange Market”.

A consensus procedure known as Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerant or dBFT handles all nodes that run software within this comprehensive crypto-system, giving each computer its own task-based upon meritocracy rather than permission like other networks do by design.

How does NEO NEO coin work?

The NEO token is the major cryptocurrency that runs the Neo blockchain, and it is used for sending, spending, holding, and staking.

NEO’s principal use case permits those who stake the token the authority to vote on upgrades and direction of the network. 

Staking NEO affords users a portion of the block rewards, paid in the form of GAS. Gas tokens are made with each new block created before the network would release 100 million tokens. 

Unlike Bitcoin, its smallest unit is 1 NEO, and it cannot be further subdivided or broken into fractions; however, the minimum unit of the GAS cryptocurrency is 0.00000001.

Like several cryptocurrencies, NEO and GAS tokens have a limited supply pegged at 100 million units of each, as stated by the software’s rules.

How to Buy NEO NEO tokens

You can buy NEO tokens on some major exchanges, including Binance, Bitfinex, and Kraken. For example, to purchase NEO on Kraken, you will first need to create an account on the platform.

After signing up for a new account on Kraken’s website, you will need to provide your email address (and other options like language settings), create a password, and set up two-factor authentication.

Next, after setting up your account and logging in, click “Transfer” from the drop-down menu (found at the top left corner of the homepage). There are 3 tabs available: “ETH,” “BTC,” and “XRP.”

Click on the tab that corresponds with the currency you’d like to use to purchase NEO. For example, clicking on the ETH tab will allow you to search for the currency using its code “ETH.” After choosing your desired currency, choose how much it is worth in USD from the “Total” box and how much NEO you hope to buy from the “Price” box.

That will refresh the page and show you a new field under “Units.” That is where you input the amount of your chosen currency that represents 1 unit of NEO (for example, $101 equals one NEO). Type this number into this space.

History of NEO NEO coin

In 2014, The Antshares team raised over 6100 bitcoins in a token sale to create their own cryptocurrency. They initially distributed ANS coins but later rebranded it with the name “Neo” and ran another crowdfunding campaign which resulted in an additional 8 million dollars being generated for projects involving the development of smart contracts for blockchain technology between June 2016- January 2017, when developers burned half while other half went towards community funds or finance investments outside Neo itself.


Neo is a crypto that aims to serve as an open platform on top of which anyone can make transactions and create decentralized products and services. Neo has many similar features to Ethereum, such as providing space for Decentralized Applications. 

In addition, there are other features like identity system, oracle system, and so much more! With NEO, you have two native cryptocurrencies: GAS tokens used to pay computation fees on the network and NEO tokens used in voting protocol changes. 

To buy NEO NEO coins, you need first to find it at major exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, or Kraken- then input your email address (and other options), set up 2FA security code, followed by choosing how much USD worth of cryptocurrency equals 1 unit of NEO and type it in. You now have your NEO coins!

NEO coin FAQ’s

What are the differences between Ethereum and Neo? 

For anyone looking to invest in NEO, it’s important to remember that the NEO project has many similarities with Ethereum and major differences. 

One of the most obvious differences is that NEO has a native token. NEO tokens can be used to vote on protocol changes in the platform and be used to pay transaction fees.

NEO also includes an identity system that can be used for authentication purposes and storing records, similar to Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard.

Is there any difference in usage between the GAS token and the NEO token? 

The GAS token is a type of currency used to pay computation fees on the Neo network. It fuels the network by being the required gas for transactions and smart contract executions. BTS also has its token, comparable to GAS tokens, which is called “BTS Gas.”

The NEO token is another type of currency introduced to Neo after Ethereum ran stable for a while. The NEO token does not have any function other than deciding how changes are implemented to the network. For example, if someone wanted to propose a change to have a new feature on Ethereum, they would need at least 51% of the community’s support, or else they would reject the proposal.

Who is the CEO of Neo coin? 

Da Hongfei and Erick Zhang founded Neo in 2014 as Antshares. The company has as its sole mission to make cryptocurrency mining an easy endeavour for all types. The company’s CEO is Da Hongfei.

What is NEO’s ticker symbol? 

Neo’s ticker symbol is – NEO.

How many NEO coins exist? 

As of right now, there are no plans for NEO to be pre-mined. There is a total supply of 100 million NEO NEO coins in the market today.

Where can I find a list of exchanges that accept NEO NEO coins as a trading pair?

– Binance 
– Bitfinex 
– Kraken

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