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Currently, one oni costs $ 0.046928 and has a marketcap of $ 1.39 M. The last 24 hours, the price has changed by 6.55%. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, ONINO is ranked number 1112, based on marketcap.

Protecting your digital identity and personal data will be just as important in Web3 as it is today. Platforms are developing intuitive solutions for decentralized data storage that isn’t just for protection – it makes your daily life easier.

ONINO is one such up-and-coming service. Below we’ll cover how this platform works and whether you should use it to manage your digital identity. 

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What is ONINO?

ONINO is a platform that aims to support applications and improve their user experience by offering secure, decentralized data storage. It uses a “dual-chain architecture” to offer a separate storage page for user data, accessible only when needed and otherwise fully secure.

The dual blockchain consists of:

  1. The public main blockchain: this is a PoS-based network. Developers can build applications on this blockchain – it’s responsible for transactions, indexing, and other important functions. It’s also EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)-compatible.
  2. The secure data blockchain: this blockchain runs parallel to the main chain and safeguards all data that needs protection.

This system enables app developers to offer a more secure product and ONINO users to keep all their data in one place. Users can select which specific information they want to communicate to another party with no risk that additional information will be transferred along with it. This creates an ONINO wallet that is designed as a type of verification in Web3.

A key part of the platform’s offering is the ONIFY database, helping users identify whether an address is valid and trustworthy. Users and applications alike can verify the identity of anyone they’re interacting with using the ONIFY database, reducing the risk of fraud.

Beyond commercial applications, the platform also allows users to create “digital twins” of real-world objects as NFTs and store information such as their medical reports securely.

How Does ONINO Work?

For developers, ONINO provides a source of support and funding through its Innovation Fund. The fund is supported by ONI, which will be the platform’s native token.

For users, the platform offers a marketplace of verifiable applications that provide real-world services, e.g. parcel delivery. Transactions are made safer with the dual-chain system.

Creating an ONINO Wallet: A Step-By-Step Guide

  1. The platform will allow users to create a wallet and store whatever real-world information they choose on its blockchain.
  2. Users will be able to acquire ONI through several exchanges such as PancakeSwap, SpookySwap, and Hotbit. The pre-sale concluded in January.
  3. Users can work with a range of verified applications in the ONINO ecosystem.

Who is ONINO For?

ONINO aims to support applications with real-world uses. It intends to provide a backing network for Web3 applications and a connection point for all types of users to create and manage a secure digital identity. By letting users manage their coins, tokens, NFTs, and crypto-assets in a single space, it offers convenience as well as a host of apps with real-world relevance.

Decentralized data storage using the dual-chain system should provide an extremely secure basis for a digital wallet. Users concerned about the potential for fraud will appreciate the ONIFY database as a vetting tool.

Who is Behind ONINO?

The founding members are Alex, Kai, and Lukas – you can find out more on the company’s “About Us” page. They share a belief in the untapped potential of blockchain technology beyond DeFi applications.

What Makes ONINO Unique?

The platform is thinking big – it’s aiming to let users manage their digital identity and all types of crypto-assets in one secure place. Its ambition is impressive and the dual-chain architecture is an exciting solution.

Furthermore, its commitment to using blockchain to address real-world problems sets it apart from many DeFi platforms that are slightly too “online”. The real-world goals make ONINO seem more pragmatic.


ONINO is a forward-thinking platform aiming to provide a more secure environment for users and developers alike. Get on the chain – join the community and find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ONINO Legit?

The platform seems to be legitimate, although its full offering isn’t live yet.

How Do You Get ONINO Crypto?

You can purchase ONI via PancakeSwap, SpookySwap, or Hotbit.

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