Peculium (PCL) - What it is & How to Buy

Peculium combines the essential features of a traditional savings account and AIEVE technology to help users make more informed decisions when navigating the crypto market. This AI banking platform monitors the market and assets with the goal of helping users maximize their profits and savings. 

The artificial intelligence tools use blockchain to keep a record of a user’s decisions. This keeps individuals and institutions more informed of their risks and the best decisions available on the market in real-time. 

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What is Peculium?

Peculium is a decentralized savings platform that uses AIEVE (Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Values, Equilibrium) to help users make the best decisions with their assets. This AI investing tool gives suggestions in real-time, advising them on how and when to execute the best positions in the crypto market. 

The platform is transparent as it aims to maximize the profits and savings of its users, taking advantage of big data and blockchain features. It also helps users overcome the industry’s risks by monitoring and managing all assets linked to a user’s account. 

This AI banking platform was created so users could better manage their cryptocurrency portfolios using some of the smartest technology on the market. 

How Does Peculium Work?

The wide range of crypto-asset management products offered by the platform helps individuals and institutions manage their portfolios with transparent AI banking. The company offers a variety of products and services, including AIEVE, an artificial intelligence engine for the blockchain, Singulus. 

The Singulus tool provides price forecasts for a variety of cryptocurrencies along with the AI investing tools that allow users to make educated decisions to best suit their needs. All decisions made by Peculium are made for the safety of the investor’s savings and to minimize the risk of loss. 

Step-By-Step Peculium Guide

Creating an account on the platform is simple. This can be done within a few minutes using an email address. The account will need to be verified before the API exchange can be linked. Users can then onboard their capital and leave the rest to the autopilot AI investing features. 

Who is Peculium For?

Peculium is for any individuals or institutions looking for a new way to build their savings online with cryptocurrency. Users who are new to AI investing or already familiar with the tool can benefit from the platform’s variety of features and products.

There are different membership options to choose from depending on a user’s experience and goals regarding investing and saving with crypto. This makes it easy for newcomers to get a feel for AI banking before making a commitment while still offering complex features for those looking to maximize their financial power. 

The blockchain capabilities of AIEVE and Singulus keep every user’s best interest in mind to keep the money they invest safe whenever they make a decision. 

Peculium Company Information

Peculium was founded in 2017 by Rashid Oukhai. The company developed a savings management platform using big data, machine learning, and natural language processing technology. Its headquarters is in Nanterre, France. 

What Makes Peculium Unique?

It’s the first platform to combine artificial intelligence, the blockchain, and a traditional savings account to create a healthy financial world when saving and investing in crypto. Peculium offers PCL tokens that users add to their portfolios and bonus rewards on their profits, depending on their membership level. 


Peculium is powered by automated learning (AML), so AIEVE can analyze large data streams in real-time to predict the best investment opportunities available in the cryptocurrency market. It’s the first of its kind to combine AI banking and crypto with this technology. It’s user-friendly for anyone trying to save. 

Open an account with Peculium and discover the platform for yourself. 


Is Peculium Legit?

The platform is legit and safe to use.

What Are PCL Tokens?

PCL stands for Pecule, a currency that gives users access to certain products on the platform. 

Are There Additional Fees After signing Up?

There are varying fees for different AI investing services, including making a minimum purchase, making purchases with cryptocurrency, etc. 

What is AIEVE?

AIEVE is a technology developed by the company. It’s the first artificial intelligence trading engine that works with the cryptocurrency market.

Peculium (PCL) Price Info

Currently, one pcl costs $ 0.048244 and has a marketcap of $ 10.00 M. The last 24 hours, the price has changed by 22.62%. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, Peculium is ranked number 858, based on marketcap.

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