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PointPay Price Info

Currently, one pxp costs $ 0.00908 and has a marketcap of $ 4.12 M. The last 24 hours, the price has changed by 1.04%. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, PointPay is ranked number 3135, based on marketcap.

Many believe that crypto is the future of finance. They say it will free everyone from the restraints of currencies that are tied to governments and limit our investments. But how can you really rely on crypto if you still have to walk into a bank to get a loan? 

This is where a crypto bank comes in. PointPay is more than somewhere you keep your tokens. It offers a wide range of services that you would find at your bank around the corner, but now you can do it all with crypto. Learn more in this review about PointPay’s services. 


What Is PointPlay?

PointPay is a leader in crypto banking. It offers crypto loans to users in addition to their checking and savings accounts. You can also quickly exchange tokens on the platform. This combines many of the services that various platforms offer but puts them all in one convenient place. 

In addition to banking, PointPay offers its own token: PXP. By using PXP, you can get even more generous interest rates for your savings accounts and crypto loans.  

How Does PointPay Work?

PointPay functions as many crypto wallets do. However, it does more than store crypto, which is where it functions similarly to any bank — but here, it specializes in crypto rather than government currencies. 

So while this can function as simply a place to keep your tokens, you can also put that in a checking account for daily access, and easy transactions or a savings account to start earning more interest. 

You may also apply for a crypto loan. With enough collateral, it only takes a few clicks. 

Step-by-Step Guide to PointPay

It’s quick and easy to join the PointPay ecosystem. You can go to their website to sign up or download the app. Enter your information to set up your wallet or checking/savings accounts. After that, move your currencies over to the platform or buy PXP for your accounts. 

Who Is PointPay For?

For anyone who believes that cryptocurrencies are the future, having a full-service crypto bank is a must. This goes beyond the basics of buying and selling coins to offer a crypto loan, interest, and quick exchange services. If you want crypto to be your new go-to currency, you’ll need checking, savings, and banking services to support your financial system. 

Who Is Behind PointPay?

The PointPay team is currently led by CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev. Kardapoltsev says that the team believes that crypto services are the future of banking and that PointPay is at the forefront of this financial revolution. With this in mind, the goal is to create a strong future for crypto banking by offering universally accessible services to people worldwide, free of government currencies. 

What Makes PointPay Unique?

While there are many crypto wallets out there where you can store coins, few offer the wide range of services that a full-service crypto bank can offer. That’s where PointPay comes in. 

Here, all crypto bank services are offered under one organization to make things easy with full integration. A user can earn interest from a checking account and then take out a crypto loan in a few taps rather than signing up with a completely different service. 


With PointPay, you’ll be able to do everything from taking out a crypto loan to buying, exchanging, and safely storing your coin while earning interest. If you’re looking for something beyond a simple wallet, a crypto bank account could have the support you’ve been looking for. 

If you think these crypto services could be the right addition to your investment endeavours, sign up with PointPay today. 


Is PointPay legit? 

PointPay is a legitimate service for investors. The crypto bank is PCI DSS compliant and SSL encrypted for user safety. 

Do I need a crypto bank account? 

If you’re interested in buying and storing crypto, a simple wallet will serve your purpose. However, there are more options available to you with a dedicated crypto bank. For example, you can quickly exchange tokens, earn interest on your checking accounts, and take out a crypto loan. 

How much is PXP worth?

The worth of PXP varies as the market changes. However, when the coin is placed in a savings account within the PointPay bank, the interest rate is up to 10%, allowing holders to further earn on the currency they buy. The coin may also go further as the platform offers reduced rates if used to take out a crypto loan. 

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