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Your #1 Guide to Ripple

The world of cryptocurrency is vast and making sense of it all is rather…overwhelming. But we’re here to help. 

Below we’ll give you a rundown of a major yet controversial player: Ripple Labs. 

What is Ripple, XRP

What Is Ripple?

It’s a software company that birthed the open-source protocol, including the XRP ledger and RippleNet. 

The company is a money transfer network serving the financial services industry. XRP is the Ripple crypto tailored to the network. 

How Does Ripple Work?

It works as a distributed ledger but isn’t blockchain technology. Instead, the platform supports transferring tokens representing crypto, fiat currency, and other units of value. 

Anyone can access the open-source protocol without approval. Banks and non-financial institutions can implement the protocol in their current systems. 

XRP Token

Ripple XRP is the native digital currency designed for the protocol, referred to as a token.

The token acts as a currency exchange mediator. 

Ripple token

XRP mining

No mining here.

The company controls the release of the tokens. The centralized approach has drawn criticism from consumers. 

How to Buy XRP

You should select a trusted digital currency exchange and deposit funds. You’ll also need to purchase an e-wallet that stores cryptocurrency.

Heads up: due to an SEC lawsuit, many brokerages delisted the token.  

How to buy XRP

History of Ripple

The company didn’t start making waves until 2012, when it went by OpenCoin. In 2015, the company rebranded to the current name. 

Who Created Ripple?

Chris Larsen — one of the wealthiest men in crypto — and Jed McCaleb — a prominent programmer and entrepreneur — co-founded the company. 

McCaleb co-founded several major crypto players, like Stellar and eDonkey. 

XRP Price and Volatility 

Ripple price

The token is priced at $0.8155. 

Short-term investors tread carefully — it’s highly volatile. The 2020 legal troubles of XRP might stunt continuous growth for a while. 

Ripple in the Media

As of late, the company has faced mounting media criticism. People are wary of the protocol’s centralized approach, and the SEC has come knocking on the company’s door. 

Ripple Lawsuit

The biggest Ripple news is the December 2020 SEC lawsuit against the company alleging XRP was an unregistered securities offering of $1.3 billion. 

Ripple lawsuit

The company claims its token is a commodity, meaning it doesn’t fall under SEC’s scope.

The lawsuit is ongoing, but CEO Brad Garlinghouse reports it’s likely to go public once everything’s over.  


XRP straddles the line between decentralized and traditional finance. Its value comes from the processing speed and institutional appeal, but it doesn’t go as far as other traditional cryptocurrencies. 

The company stands at a stalemate with the government and will need to handle that battle before it can grow. 

All in all: If you have XRP in your wallet, hang on to it. But if you’re a new investor, look elsewhere.

Ripple FAQ

Is Ripple legit?

The company is real and not a scam. 

When was Ripple created?

It first debuted in 2012 as OpenCoin.

Where to buy XRP?

Due to the SEC lawsuit, many exchanges have delisted the token. But a handful of options remain. 

What is XRP? 

It’s the native currency used within the protocol.

How to mine XRP on PC?

XRP isn’t mineable.

Who created Ripple?

Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb co-founded the company.