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As online technology develops, Metaverse users find additional ways to build their financial portfolios and create and manage real-world assets through this virtual platform. But as Big Tech continues to create more threats to the digital security of individual users’ assets, people need a solution to protect their privacy without curtailing their access to this valuable and ever-growing platform.

Luckily for Metaverse users, Selfkey is here to help keep their digital assets safe. Read on below to learn how this groundbreaking new program can help protect your web 3.0 identity. 

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What is Selfkey?

This app solves all of your data security worries on the Metaverse. It keeps your digital assets secure while also giving you access to an arsenal of useful tools that can help you grow your business in the real world. 

How Does Selfkey Work?

The technical jargon surrounding the Metaverse and other digital technologies can sound confusing and overwhelming. But despite what you might think, Selfkey is very simple to use. Read on below to familiarize yourself with four simple steps towards making the most out of your secure web 3.0 identity. 

Download the App to Create Your Web 3.0 Identity

Once you set up your Selfkey ID, you’ll be able to store essential data relating to your digital identity, such as NFTs, KYC documents, and more. Plus, it’s all locally stored and securely protected, so your data can’t be interfered with by Big Tech or malicious hackers. 

Protect Your Digital Assets

The strategic way this program structures its data storage means that your digital assets are always protected from breaches, even if Selfkey’s servers are compromised. 

Free Access to Digital Financial Solutions

Your Selfkey Wallet is the perfect place to manage your digital financial operations. You can use it to open a bank account, conduct DeFi exchanges, safeguard your KYC data, and more. 

Real-World Applications Through the Marketplace

With access to the Selfkey Marketplace, you can do all kinds of things that can help you build up assets in the real world. These include notarizing documents, opening businesses, and managing bank accounts. 

Who is Selfkey For?

This app was designed for Metaverse users who need a secure place to store and manage their personal data. 

Who is Behind Selfkey?

The program was developed by the blockchain startup known as the Selfkey Network and is supported by various entities such as banks, law firms, and notaries. 

What Makes Selfkey Unique?

Selfkey’s commitment to data security and optimization for Metaverse integration makes it a unique application with nothing else quite like it available on the marketplace. 


Suppose you are a Metaverse user who’s eager to build your virtual financial assets on this platform but has concerns about personal data security. In that case, Selfkey is one of the best programs available to help you protect your web 3.0 identity. Get the app today and start reaping the benefits of this exciting new technological frontier. 


Can the Program Be Modified?

If you are experienced with coding and software editing and want some of this app’s features to function differently, you’re in luck! The open-source platform will allow you to make whatever changes you’d like, provided you know what you’re doing.

Has a Reputable Source Verified the Security Level?

It’s only natural to have some suspicions of any tech entity that claims to protect your data. But this application has been given the all-clear by, a reputable and respected Artificial Intelligence service developed to identify cybersecurity threats. 

What Does it Cost to Use?

Selfkey is committed to protecting users’ data and helping them access useful financial development features at no cost to them. As such, the app is entirely free to use, and you’ll never be charged for creating or maintaining your web 3.0 identity. 

Is Selfkey Legit?

After being extensively reviewed by the relevant tech authorities and used for its intended purpose by ambitious Metaverse users like yourself, it has been determined that Selfkey lives up to its claims that it can help protect your digital assets while allowing you to earn revenue in new and exciting ways. 

Selfkey Price Info

Currently, one KEY costs $ 0.004358 and has a marketcap of $ 26.16 M. The last 24 hours, the price has changed by -2.05%. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, SelfKey is ranked number 585, based on marketcap.

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