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Vidulum Price Info

Currently, one VDL costs $ 0.021271 and has a marketcap of $ 399.72 K. The last 24 hours, the price has changed by -2.79%. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, Vidulum is ranked number 2518, based on marketcap.

Looking for a way to hold, earn and own your crypto assets all in one place? The Vidulum App is a totally non-custodial multi-currency crypto wallet that’s gaining popularity among the community. You can manage your assets from any device through web browsers or the mobile app on both Android and iOS devices. 

With its modern design and responsive layout, anyone can use the platform, no matter their skill level, with 24/7 access year-round. Engage with Vidulum’s team and active community by asking questions and learning more about the platform.

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What is Vidulum?

Vidulum is the one-stop app for all your crypto wallet needs! It’s designed with convenience in mind so that anyone can easily navigate the interface on any device regardless of skill level. There are plenty of features to use with each update that enhance and streamline the experience.

Vidulum handles crypto from all over in a single place, allowing you to monitor your earnings across the board and hold ownership of your private keys. The app also features a native coin (VDL) that rewards users for their loyalty and provides additional utility as they continue to use the app. You can view your rewards history from the menu.

How Does Vidulum work?

You can log into the app on your device or browser to access the V-Hub, where users can see the contents of their wallet, proof of stake, and rewards history. Additionally, users can access the Exchange to buy and sell crypto across the platform.

Building the ecosystem daily, the native VDL blockchain is used to reward users for holding their favorite cryptocurrencies. You’ll earn VDL while taking part in network consensus and delegating directly to a validator. You can also use the rewards built into the app to earn free VDL over time. Occasionally, you may receive tips through the Discord server if you’re active in the community.

Step-by-Step Vidulum Guide

Follow these three easy steps to start using the Vidulum app:

1. Download

Go to the app store to download the Vidulum app on your device or open the app on your browser.

2. Create a Wallet

Sign up for a wallet to access all the features the app has to offer!

3. Starting Earning

As you use the app, you’ll earn the native coin VDL in addition to monitoring any coins you already own. You’ll have access to all the app’s features and rewards!

Who is Vidulum For?

Vidulum is for any crypto holder who wants a convenient way to manage their coins. All your currencies are at your fingertips through the user-friendly app with this wallet. Anyone also interested in earning free coins like VDL can take part and engage with the active community to stay up-to-date on the latest news regarding the app.

Anyone looking to join a community of cryptocurrency holders while managing their coins from one place will enjoy all the features Vidulum has to offer. 

Who is Behind Vidulum?

The team behind Vidulum is diverse in skillset and dedicated to creating new and innovative ways to implement VDL in the app. From QA testing and development to advice and community leadership, people have joined on to make various contributions to the development of Vidulum, the application, and its ecosystem. Two driving forces behind this platform are Corey Miller, Bridget Vandenbosch, and Zach Barnes.

Founder and CEO Corey Miller has vast experience in networking, software, and development. The functionalities and quality experiences Vidulum App offers its users are a direct result of Corey’s expertise in programming. He also brings experience in information technology and cybersecurity to the Vidulum App platform.

Heading up marketing and front end development, Bridget Vandenbosch, has contributed her skills and experiences with creative software, marketing content and design, and HTML and CSS to drive the Vidulum brand, the web application interface and intuitive user experience. She also brings her experience in cybersecurity, software, and web development to the Vidulum platform.

Architect, entrepreneur and senior software engineer, Zach is highly skilled with Java, C#, JavaScript, and a wide range of supporting technologies. Zach recently joined the Vidulum team as a dedicated software developer and brings years of experience to the team.

What makes Vidulum unique?

With this crypto wallet, you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen. As a self-custody/non-custodial wallet, only you have access to your wallet’s private keys and data. This provides maximum security as even the team at Vidulum is unable to access any keys, passwords, or other sensitive data. 

Additionally, the active social media presence and Discord server allow users to interact with each other in a unique environment. 


You can create your own wallet today and start organizing your coins. Vidulum is easy to use and has a supportive community at your disposal. Start earning free VDL when you use the app and accumulate rewards. You’ll get to monitor your favorite coins while earning new ones on the go with no additional effort. 


Is Vidulum legit?

Yes, Vidulum is legit in the world of crypto. As a self custody crypto wallet, private keys are generated locally and only you have access to them. The team is also constantly developing new ways to utilize VDL within the platform to enhance the user experience. You can reach out to them with any questions.

Is Vidulum good for beginners?

Yes! Vidulum is designed to be easy for users of all experience levels.

Who do I contact with questions or suggestions?

You can contact the Vidulum team on social media or Discord! The active community can also answer questions and help you learn how to get the most out of the app.

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