XBTS.io Review

XBTS.io is a decentralized exchange where users can create any trading pair they like and interact directly with other traders.
  • Many pairs available
  • Fully decentralized
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • Affiliate fee benefits
  • Regulation is limited
  • Suits experienced traders
  • Gaming is risky

Looking for the best cryptoexchange but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Confusing information about platforms is everywhere, and it’s hard to tell if an exchange supports the kind of trading that would suit you best.

XBTS is one of the leading DEX platforms – let’s take a look at its offering, so you can decide if this is where you should go to trade cryptocurrency.

What is XBTS?

XBTS is a cross-chain DEX (decentralized exchange) used by traders and gamers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum. It claims to offer the largest DEX market, with services in over 180 countries and supporting over 15,000 trade pairs. XBTS Cross-Chain Dex has been operating on the BitShares blockchain since 2018 and BitShares is the oldest DPoS blockchain in the world.

In addition to well-known currencies like bitcoin and Ethereum, the platform offers access to lesser-known altcoins, and users can buy in with fiat currencies. As a DEX, it allows users to trade bitcoin and altcoins directly. This means that users can access pairs and purchase cryptocurrencies that might not be available on conventional exchanges.

Transactions are virtually instant – the platform promises confirmation within 3 seconds. There is no limit on withdrawals, and it is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

It offers an affiliate service where users can benefit from introducing others to the platform, earning fees on friends’ trades. XBTS also provides excellent educational resources and trading support, including access to trading bots to automate transactions.

Furthermore, XBTS offers various DeFi services.

Who Is XBTS For?

XBTS is designed for traders looking to make savvy investments in altcoins and lesser-known currency pairs than the popular choices of bitcoin and Ethereum. If you’re looking to shore up your resources in a lesser-utilized cryptocurrency, this platform could be a great choice.

This cryptoexchange is also aimed at gamers who look to earn currency through calculated gaming decisions. This can lead to substantial rewards. However, it’s a trading strategy that only more experienced cryptocurrency gamers should use as it’s relatively high-risk.

It offers open-source services for developers and algotraders, meaning that you can create trading bots to automate your transactions. This is an especially appealing service for experienced, tech-savvy users.

XBTS Company Information

XBTS is a DEX that was launched in 2018. It provides a decentralized platform for users to trade crypto pairs.

What Makes XBTS Unique?

The platform offers an almost unparalleled range of pairs – it notes that users can create any cryptocurrency pair. This means that users can get ahead of the game by trading in more obscure altcoins based on their information and research. This sets it apart from a conventional cryptoexchange where only a few pairs (especially bitcoin and Ethereum) might be traded.

XBTS Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits are free on this cryptoexchange, making it an excellent place for beginner traders to learn about cryptocurrency market behavior. Withdrawals typically cost a small percentage of whichever cryptocurrency is withdrawn, but the rate is very reasonable. There is no maximum withdrawal limit, although most currencies have a minimum.

How do I open an account with XBTS?

The exchange operates on the BitShares blockchain, which is where the registration takes place. By registering on the exchange, the user receives an account on the blockchain. The exchange itself does not have access to the user accounts or passwords.

Which Cross-Chain bridges are supported on XBTS?

Available to deposit and withdraw to / from: Binance Bep2, Binance Smart Chain BSC, Huobi HECO Chain, Waves, Ethereum + 42 other native blockchains.


Fees are very affordable on this platform. Withdrawals are quite cheap, while traders can offset their fees by recommending other users and earning affiliate fee bonuses on their friends’ transactions.

XBTS Reviews and Reputation

XBTS is well-regarded in the cryptocurrency community. Its emphasis on promoting access to altcoins is appreciated by traders who want to look beyond the big players like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s known as a safe place to trade with excellent resources and is also praised by developers who can utilize its open-source trading software.

Final Verdict

This platform is an excellent place for beginners to learn about different altcoins and a fantastic tool for more experienced traders. Its strong resources and access to trading bots mean that it’s suitable for day traders or those looking for long-term gains, especially in lesser-known altcoins. Open an account and try it for yourself.

Is XBTS safe or a scam?

XBTS is a safe site to use.

What can I trade on XBTS?

The platform allows a huge number of cryptocurrency pairs, from bitcoin and Ethereum to lesser-known altcoins.

Do I pay tax on XBTS?

Any earnings you make are subject to your local tax laws.

How much is the XBTS minimum deposit?

There are no minimum deposit on this platform.